A Fossil Dear Hudders by Jim Champion

A Fossil Dear Hudders by Jim Champion (Licensed via Creative Commons)

Portland is a great place to visit if you enjoying getting out and being active. The Island is situated at the heart of the UNESCO Jurassic Coast and it’s heritage has created some breath-taking natural conditions for a range of sports. For instance the limestone crags are famous among sport climbers as some of the best in Europe. While Chesil beach creates sailing conditions so good the Royal Yachting Association established the National Sailing Academy here. The waters are a great place to enjoy sailing, wind and kite-surfing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. More still, the waters are also excellent for fishing, so why not join a fishing trip catch your supper? (The Aqua will be happy to prepare and cook it for you.)

The work of several generations of quarrymen have created a network of paths and trails whose terrain and abundance of wildlife continue to make them popular with walkers, runners, horse-riders and cyclists alike. Meanwhile the the rich maritime history has left a legacy of excellent dive locations.

If that is all to energetic, why not find a secluded cove and spend the day on the beach? Portland has plenty of tucked away gems only available to the curious.

If you want to organise your holiday on Portland and want to stay with us we can help you put together a great package of activities so you really make the most of your time here.

Please see each of the dedicated pages for the activities available around the area and get in touch with us for further help.